The Isle of Ancestors.

21 11 2006

As I stepped off the jetty, I looked back to see the ferrywoman now departing back to Duwamish Bay. 

I saw ahead of me a grove of apple trees, there was a path in the midst of them illumed by the moonlight. I followed this path wondering where it would lead. Ahead of me I saw a mound. I approached the mound and looked around to the side where I saw a doorway, at each side of the door stood two upright stones, upon them were two burning torches.

I reached for a burning torch and opened the door. Ahead of me was a passageway, which was quite dark, this frightened me a little but then I say a faint red glow at the end of the passageway, I relaxed and began my journey into the depths of the mound.

My steps led me into a shadowy great hall. In the centre was a hearth with glowing embers from a fire. Seated in front of this fire with its back towards me was a mysterious  hooded figure. For an instance, I thought of turning back but then a feeling of love and peace swept over me and I proceeded to a bench across from the hooded figure.

I sat and just looked at the hooded figure wandering who it was. In that instance it turned to face me and removed the hood. It was my dad! I burst into tears and jumped up to rush toward him.

He stopped me by holding up one hand and saying to me, ‘as much as I love you and want to hug you too, we cannot, for I am no longer of the earthly realm’.

My heart sank as I sat back down. Fighting back the tears I said, ‘I’ve really missed you dad’.

‘I know’, he replied, ‘I have missed you too but trust that I watch over all of you, as you know, you have felt my presence at times, haven’t you?’

‘Yes dad, I have and I thank you for those times, without them I don’t think I could have gone through things’.

‘Yes you could have, for you are stronger than you think you are, you must know this, believe it, trust me, I see things from a greater perspective now. This is why we are having this meeting, is there something you wish to ask me?’

‘Oh, dad, where do I begin, there are so many things’.

‘Just the one thing, something you really want to know, there will be other times we can talk’.

‘There is something bothering me dad, you know I believe in spiritual growth, practices etc. Why does it seem so difficult to connect with, see and speak to our guides, angels and loved one’s?’

‘You should know this, you use to be quite adarmant about being able to, remember? I admired your faith – you know – faith being the operative word. You tend to lack it a little when you need it the most, you allow others disbelief to shake your own faith, especially when combined with hurtful words.

You must hold firm to your beliefs and realise they know not what they say or how much they hurt you, it is them in the dark, not you. Pray for their enlightenment and shield yourself from their negativity.  Now, may I ask a question of you?’

A little shocked, I answered ‘yes dad, of course’.

‘You need to take better care of yourself. When your feeling down, get outside with nature, breathe in the fresh air, refresh yourself, energise yourself. Become as a little child.  Remember how you loved to play amongst nature?  You need nature, it inspires you, brings you peace and greater health.  You know all of this, why do you not do it as often as you can?’

‘I, I guess I just consider myself too busy like you use to dad. I don’t really know why but I do know you are right and thank you for reminding me by asking this question of me’.

Dad then handed me a gift saying, ‘keep this with you to help you to remember our conversation and my love for you’.

It was a silver cross embedded with coloured crystals that represented the main charkra’s, plus the two ear charkra’s.



‘It is to remind you to keep your charkra energy centres clear and energised, partly, by getting out in the fresh air and into nature’s energy, you know and are beginning to practice clearing meditations and this will help you to remember to do them too’.

I thanked my dad and tears began to flow again thenI remembered a crystal I was carrying, a ‘Rose quartz’, I took it out and handed it to my dad, saying, ‘take this as a token of my thanks and undying love, I know you don’t need it but please take it, I want to give it to you.’

‘Thank you daughter, now it is time you must go, your ferrywoman has returned and is waiting to take you back to Duwamish Bay.  Fear not, nor be discouraged, we shall meet again’.

I wanted to cry out, ‘no I don’t want to go’! I swallowed my words and began to follow the path out which led me behind the hearth.  As I passed by my dad, I looked into his eyes one last time and was filled with such a great feeling of love and peace, I heard his voice, not with my ears but somehow in my heart, saying, ‘remember, we shall meet again, anytime you wish, think of me and I’ll be there, I love you my child’.

By now I was at the passageway out, I could contain it no longer and ran out and back down the path through the apple tree grove and to the jetty as fast as I could. Tears were streaming down my face.

I saw the ferrywoman who brought me to the Isle of Ancestors, I boarded her boat, she did not say a word as I boarded and left me alone, which I was very thankful for.  After I had settled down, she said, ‘having time with our loved ones should bring us great blessings and happy memories, you will know this soon.

You are a little upset because you cannot hug them and stay with them permanently, know this dear one, they stay with you permanently.  You only need to think of them and they are there for you, remember this child and soothe your heart with its promise, for no one leaves the Isle of Ancestors alone…


Camelot Scribe.


The Ferry Woman of Me

13 11 2006

I am the one who opens my arms to you inviting you into my embrace
My hips are wide and my lap is large
I am the one who strokes your hair and says “there, there” as we rock
Your tears wet my shawl.

I am the one who says both and
My love for you is both fierce and tender
I am the one who does not push or pry
Your gratitude reflects in my eyes.

I am the one who hears your pleas
My attention does not wander as you cry in pain
I am the one who isn’t bored with all the details
You are heard

Together we are mending ourselves
The Ferry Woman of me and I.
Rocking, crying, talking, laughing
I am she and she is I.


Wise Fool

12 11 2006

First steps…

Once again I find myself on the precipice – one foot extended over the abyss – blissfully, innocently unaware of the gaping chasm – for this is the fool’s journey – the trip through the wheel of life. Finding myself at the completion of a four year journey into the underworld, resting topside for a bit, I find myself excited and embracing this new journey.

I bring the wisdom and experiences of every ascent and every descent to the portal. I lower myself to the ground – rest my forehead on the earth – breathing slowly – making contact with the firmament. I rise, open my arms, bare my chest and heart to the starfilled sky and bathe in the light of the moon mother – making contact with the heavens. I wrap myself in my own embrace – swaying and twirling – making contact with my center.

Now – I am ready to travel this sacred path with Enchanteur. It is her imagery that first attracted me to this site – and from here to Soul Food Cafe and the other corners of Lemuria – but the Baba Yaga and the night rides – were magnetic forces that I could not resist.

So here I am… a woman approaching the sixth decade of her life… once again at the beginning – adventure awaits me here…

Shall we commence?


Posted by Soulwright