What a cool link!!

26 08 2006

My dears,
There is a link below, and I know the title sounds rather Cheesy, but, this person does some amazing things with a cup o’ Joe.  I sat here for almost 15 minutes watching how this is done.  Even being behind the times (I’m still on dial-up) I still was impressed by their work.

Give this a chance and I believe you’ll be as much into it as I am.  It also proves that it is not the canvas that makes the artist, it is the artist who makes the canvas!!!

Pretty Cool Coffee Artist – BREAK.com


Now under construction in Mme Le Enchanteur’s Library

21 08 2006

Our library is expanding!! It is not just the words and images that inspire us as adults, we must include the words and images of our childhoods, for that was when the artists’ soul is first awakened.

In the “Children’s Reading Room” we will share children’s books that are a memory of our own childhoods, the books that we shared with children, and the books that revive our inner child.

Life would be unbearable without music, so, the Library will be adding a music catalogue, where we can share the music that has inspired, defined, comforted us and touched our spirits. “The Song of Life” music selection will be opening soon.

Also on the Calendar of upcoming events will be the Library’s “Film Buffs’ Catalogue. And, no surprise here, is where we can share films old and new that delight us, and call forth our creative selves.

With all of us working together, we can make the Library a net-wide resource for creative spirits. I look forward to seeing all the magic we can create here.

Before anyone needs to ask, yes, you can post suggestions from people outside our group as well as within the realm of Soul Food Cafe.

Just for a smile

12 08 2006

I took this pic as a hoot.  We were filling glasses in the kitchen and an ice cube slipped out of my hand and slid across the floor and under the cabinets.

I rescued it, and found it covered with cat fur that my kitties had shed.  It looked funny and strange so I took a picture.

So, I keep this picture to remind me always ‘try new eyes’ on things, there is a lot of undiscovered wonder in our world.

Mme. Le Enchanteur’s Library is Open!!!

12 08 2006

Welcome!!  Welcome, Elders, Heroines, Travellers, and sibs of spirit.  Welcome to Mme. Le Enchanteur’s Library of Inspiration and Wisdom.

To the right is the wing that houses the Card Catalog, and Reading List.  I ask that all of you share your favourite books with us.  That will become the Reading List, and the card catalog will be for songs and images that fire your imaginations.

On the left is the Reading Room, there you will find that your fellow travellers are sharing the quotes that have awakened, inspired, or simply moved them.

Soulsister and I are your Librarians, and we will be happy to hear from you.  Again, welcome to Mme Le Enchanteur’s Library.