Heroine’s Journey

16 07 2006


My creative self, le Enchanteur, and I lay warm within the cosmic egg, meditating, brooding, reflecting on our current situation.

It was while we were there that we realised that it is TIME

TIME to descend and undertake the Heroine’s Journey.

We would really like to have some kindred spirits walk the paths of the underworld with us.

Just pack your bags and create an account with Word Press . Once you are signed in you will be able to pass through the gate and descend through the Heroine’s Journey blogger.

Simply send us the email address you used to sign in.
All will hopefully become clear.




18 responses

16 07 2006
Anita marie

Guess Who!

It’s me, Anita Marie and I’m packing as we speak….

16 07 2006

Packing as I write…
I have been so impatient for us to begin. There is some urgency to this for subtle rather than obvious reasons. Your invitation itself brings relief.
Anita Marie, I wrote this prior to reading your comment. Apparently, we all feel this urging to begin, to be more than spectators!

16 07 2006
Frances Sbrocchi

I shall ride on the waft of the wind
with you all
and shall try to keep up when the memory
slips, when words fail
when the way seems too heavy
when I know you will all carry love
that will keep us on the way

16 07 2006

I have my bag packed and I have all the essentials. Let’s see, I have my photographic memory, an eagle eye to capture all of the details from multiple perspectives, and an open heart. Yep, I think that’s it. The rest I am sure I can pick up along the way.

16 07 2006

Packing and getting ready! Goody!

16 07 2006

Hey, Ladies! Before I can decide what to pack, I gotta find my suitcase! I have one someone but I think the hinges are broken. I have a tacky old duffel bag that I use for car trips…. I hope that’s okay. I have to think about what I’m going to pack. More than likely I will be leaving my rubber chicken behind (I doubt I will be that comedic on this trip).

I haven’t posted much in the last couple of days. It has been uncommonly hot and humid which has sapped me plus I know people who are trapped in Beirut and I have been glued to CNN all weekend. Maybe I need to leave the world behind as well when I pack.

Talk to you all later.

16 07 2006

I’m just finishing packing now and am travelling lightly. Looking forward to being on the road.

16 07 2006

. . . . . a basket, I think. . . . . not so heavy. Descending? Flashlight, first. . . .then what?

16 07 2006
Carol Abel

I’ll be there too. Wouldn’t miss the chance to go a-wandering. Hopefully will manage to pack over the next couple of days. We have been busy working in the garden and it is very very hot here

16 07 2006

im packed and ready to go
Carolyn h

16 07 2006

Yes, dears!! It is I, the Professional Crazy Lady come to join the entourage!! I possess both heroic and romantic scars, and an endless taste for adventure, and an insatiable curiosity.

All I need pack are my skills, and my courage. We all know that the worst boogeymen are the ones that creep up from our inmost selves. I feel we will all be meeting ours somewhere along the way.

I still count myself as blessed though; for, although my path be solitary, my life is not. I am embarrassingly rich with friends and family of both blood and spirit.

I think the only thing I have to shed is old sorrows that needs must begone for me top continue to grow.

I look forward to what everyone will say on Our Heroines’ Journeys!!

16 07 2006

The Heroines’ Journey? I think that I have been waiting for this all my life! Yes, my bag is packed – an old handwoven basket that holds my drop spindle and fleece and fibres so that I can spin a yarn like Ariadne’s thread that helped guide Theseus back through the labyrinth underground to freedom, light and hope that awaits us after our sojourne into the dark highways and byways. This yarn will be our deep, inner intuition, a quiet knowing that will help to guide us along our way. Then when our journey ends, who knows what wondrous thing this magical thread will become! And what shall I leave behind? Fear, that which grips my heart on an almost daily basis. Walking away from it, I shall instead hold on tight to courage, a grace that is already descending upon all of our shoulders, like a beautiful, soft, handspun cashmere shawl. Wrap it around you now as we prepare to leave. Love and blessings to all who begin the journey.

17 07 2006

I am practicing my girlish giggle,
and promise to bath downstream —

if any doubt ‘my feminine side’,
please read “Limora Gate”


17 07 2006


Pray come gather about the joining fire
and behold how the bright protected flames
flicker in the caress of approaching night,
and roar out in awe of sudden gusting
awareness of the approaching spirit.

“for you are alive – adept – centered,
protected, guided, driven by my presence.”

See strange shadows dance in symmetry
with the velvet strumming of Mother Earth
and vibrant song of a time-spun lyre.
Gather close round – about to sing and dream,
while tinkling embers fane warm your soul.

“for I can see your secret flame within,
and hear your lover’s special whispered name”

See in each new friend a mirror of being
who now fills in the words you did forget,
and shades your eyes from the glare of truth,
so that you can dance free of guilt and shame,
now reborne to the innocence of dawn.

“for these wise aging eyes will never dim
when you arrive with open hand and heart.”

17 07 2006

I’ve packed only my canary-yellow artist messenger bag; it seems that I don’t need much, after all. My journal, a few good pens, a bag of almonds for nourishment, pictures of my daughter and husband. I survey what I’m leaving behind: favorite chair, a painting by a dear friend, my Goddess altar. Difficult to part with them. It seems strange to think of them existing without me to appreciate them. Also leaving behind all the unhealthy desires of this lifetime–they no longer serve me. Packing the healthy desires–for peace, compassion, healing, creating, and opening my heart to beauty. Most of all–loving the Earth.

22 07 2006

I’m ready to go! This sounds great yet a little scary, delving into our innermost selves and all!

Still I’ve done it enough times on my own, I think it’s about time I had some company!

See you all real soon.

Camelot Scribe & Correspondent.
Terry (Teresa) Seed.

24 07 2006

Hey divas. I’m lugging along my bags and hoping to catch up with all of you.

What do I do next? LOL! ‘still figuring out this wordpress system.

Happy everything & good karma, everyone!

29 12 2008

I am just starting to play with wordpress so please bare with me and hopfully i will be able to catch up soon , my bags are packed and im ready to begin a new journey

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