The Ferry Woman of Me

13 11 2006

I am the one who opens my arms to you inviting you into my embrace
My hips are wide and my lap is large
I am the one who strokes your hair and says “there, there” as we rock
Your tears wet my shawl.

I am the one who says both and
My love for you is both fierce and tender
I am the one who does not push or pry
Your gratitude reflects in my eyes.

I am the one who hears your pleas
My attention does not wander as you cry in pain
I am the one who isn’t bored with all the details
You are heard

Together we are mending ourselves
The Ferry Woman of me and I.
Rocking, crying, talking, laughing
I am she and she is I.



Wise Fool

12 11 2006

First steps…

Once again I find myself on the precipice – one foot extended over the abyss – blissfully, innocently unaware of the gaping chasm – for this is the fool’s journey – the trip through the wheel of life. Finding myself at the completion of a four year journey into the underworld, resting topside for a bit, I find myself excited and embracing this new journey.

I bring the wisdom and experiences of every ascent and every descent to the portal. I lower myself to the ground – rest my forehead on the earth – breathing slowly – making contact with the firmament. I rise, open my arms, bare my chest and heart to the starfilled sky and bathe in the light of the moon mother – making contact with the heavens. I wrap myself in my own embrace – swaying and twirling – making contact with my center.

Now – I am ready to travel this sacred path with Enchanteur. It is her imagery that first attracted me to this site – and from here to Soul Food Cafe and the other corners of Lemuria – but the Baba Yaga and the night rides – were magnetic forces that I could not resist.

So here I am… a woman approaching the sixth decade of her life… once again at the beginning – adventure awaits me here…

Shall we commence?


Posted by Soulwright