waiting for the ferrywoman

26 07 2006

She waits on the shore,
waiting for the ferry woman
The sound of seagulls screeching overhead
and oars lapping in the water
are all she can hear.
Her heart beats faster as the barges approach
She knows she must wait to be chosen.
Which ferry woman will chose her
and what is the message she bears?
The women alight and slowly walk the line of supplicants
Looking with knowing and wisdom in their gaze.
She raises her chin and makes herself look
You don’t scare me she thinks.
Footsteps pause,
then stop in front of her.
Fathomless eyes look into hers
And she knows it is time.
She has a choice, but no choice.
She cannot refuse this challenge.
It is meant to be.
She returns the gaze
drowning in their depths of love and understanding.
Boarding the barge,
she sits,
The oars lapping in the water,
The seagulls screeching overhead.





6 responses

26 07 2006

and each women will be,
sometime in her life a Ferry Woman
for another — about to make a journey —
not a choice either, perhaps,
but a matter of being

26 07 2006

This is lovely, Lina.

26 07 2006
Heather Blakey

This is very poignant Christine. Just exquisite really. And, I think that is one of the most profound things you have said faucon.

26 07 2006

I agree Heather, and this is a rich piece.

26 07 2006

Each image speaks, thus poetry at its best. Fran

13 11 2006

I am right there with you! Incredible imagery!

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